Zip Zap Computers is a hub to hardware, networking and home security solutions in Amritsar, India. We are among the best hardware and software distributors that delivers best quality computer peripherals, security solutions for home at economical prices.


Considering the safety measures, here we bring a wide range of professional security systems for homes and offices. Shop security cameras for homes and wifi security system for hotels and commercial places. These security home CCTV Camera keeps a constant eye on what’s happening at every second.


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With the advancements in technology, bio-metric attendance devices are gaining popularity over time. Here, we distribute finger print attendance and access control systems in Amritsar.


We are specialized in offering outstanding home security solutions. Keep a constant eye on what’s happening in your absence. Security and Surveillance CCTV Cameras are available with us at the affordable prices.


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Now, lease lines providers and internet service provider is available in your home town Amritsar. Zip Zap Computers is a hub to all hardware solutions in the city and offers internet broadband services associated with a dedicated line.


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UPS – Uninterrupted Power Supply are very useful for that system which stores a huge database. Power backups and ups will stand the system on power for hours and one have the time to work for hours without electricity and will avoid the destructions. Without an UPS, the system will crash anytime whenever the power is off…Here, we require a power backup device which will assist for hours without electricity. Buy best quality UPS and power backup solutions online from the leading UPS suppliers, retailers and dealers in Amritsar.


At Zip Zap Computers, we also upgrade and install latest versions of software. Now don’t wait for anything, upgrade your software with real license including Adobe, Auto Cad and Microsoft etc. Get latest versions of all computer software with proper installation.


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